Monday, February 28, 2011


Oh no! My work and the work of other talented Etsy artists has been stolen by a fellow Etsyier and is being sold as their own. So unfair, outrageous, and just uncreative! I am pretty amazed that this person (no name calling of course) has the guts to straight up steal people's work and sell it for ridiculously low prices (low quality too), with out changing it one bit so that one could argue that it's their own. I am fine with people using my ideas. (I am by no means the first to come up with drawing Chanel perfumes or pretty things.) But this is just ridiculous! I have notified the other Etsy artist's who work I have recognized in this said fake shop as well as contacted Etsy's legal department.

What else can I do?

Tove's Home

Swedish Artist Tove Mauritzson's home is just stunning. I love her whimsical colorful animalful (not a real word but whatever) paintings cover huge wall spaces in her home. These maximalist paintings work perfectly with her minimalist decorating. Her decorating and painting style both uses lots of colors but with the use of white it doesn't become too overwhelming. It's just perfect! I think I may be in love with every corner of her home. The mix of new and vintage is gorgeous and interesting. This is how I would like to live.

Now I just have to start painting again. So my walls can be filled with colorful whimsical paintings too. (Or maybe I'll save my pennies to get one of hers.)

It's Monday already! How did that happen? Happy Monday then!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working Weekends...

I can hardly count this as work because I adore drawing but I have been working on new drawings all weekend (I got pencil smudges on the backs of my hands to prove it).

 I have started a new theme/project... Decades! I've got major nostalgia for times that are not my own. (I have always been in love with retro style and old hollywood glamour but it's been possibly inhanced by lots of Mad Men marathons too.) I have starting drawing small still lifes to represent my favorite eras, 1920s thru 1960s. Each drawing subtly represents the style of each decade. Care for a peek?

Starting with the 60's and working my way backwards I've enjoyed doing my research and then drawing all the details. Hope it's accurate-ish. My favorite was finding old makeup ads to see what make up packaging looked like. The ads were so glamorous!

The 1960's

The 1950's

The 1940's

1930's and 20's to come. What do you think? I also want to do a series of old telephones, radios, and other retro household items.

Now I'm going to have a lazy Sunday afternoon! Going to brew some tea...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Triple the gorgeousness

So much gorgeousness to share. So three sets of Flickr favorites today!

Enjoy! Happy weekend too!


So I am coming to terms with the fact that my birthday celebration week must come to a close. (sad face) I can no longer treat myself to extra 'me time', baking and lolligagging (though I shall anyhow). I need to get cracking again, gosh!

Oh and look at me, already checked off two projects from the to do list, just this morning. Excellent! And I even plan to check off a third.

How about a few colorful Etsy favorites...

Mixed Vibrant Summer Bouquet - 8 x 10 Photography Print

Never Enough - Extra large A2 Print

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy ME Day!!!

Yay! Today is my birthday! I'm 27 happy years old!!! I loved waking up to lots of sweet birthday wishes and receiving lots of love from my friends and family in both the States and in Sweden. It is super fun being able to be super selfish and self indulgent for one day out of the year (I enjoyed a long breakfast and an even longer lunch, baked myself a Key Lime Merigue Pie and brought out my American side with some sticky bbq ribs for dinner). I am not even upset that I'm getting older... every year gets better and better so why should I?!

I did a little photoshoot in the glittery snow sunshine. It was a perfect day!





Only smiling faces for this girl... it's too difficult keeping a straight face when the BF's being a goof behind the camera. (as he should)

Oh and my pie turned out pretty yumma too!


Happy ME Day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

It is one of those dang days where I can't figure out what I am supposed to do with myself. I have at least gone to the printers and the post office (also had lunch with a lovely lady)... but now it is 4pm and I haven't done anything else (creative). I have stared at my computer for hours. Done some important banking and junk but I am at a loss for what to write and what to draw. I have a list of projects to the left of me, but that's not working either. This is weird.

But my birthday is tomorrow!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yellow Tulips...

... maybe Spring isn't awfully far off. (It's snowing as we speak... so ummm I think not.) But one can dream.

From someone who loves me...

It's Monday! Think this is going to be a lovely week. I have lots of nice things planned to celebrate my birthday all week long, as I should. (My birthday is on Wednesday yay!)


I adore pleasant surprizes in my mailbox... look what I found, Meredith K. Schwab's paintings and drawings. I just adore them! The bright colors, the geometric forms, and she even uses glitter! And guess what?! she has opened an Etsy shop too!

Her artist statement is spot on too... "I transform high fashion slickness, and its illusion of perfection, into a punk inflected anti-chic. This love/hate relationship shows itself in gemstone reliefs, and wild monochrome paintings which use hip fabric patterns unapologetically."

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been featured in Atomica Magazine's second issue. Atomica is a new gorgeous Greek online/print publication with a delicious airy free spirit feel to it. I feel honored to have been able to contribute a few beauty illustrations for their You Bombshell! beauty guide. Take a peek at the full magazine online here...

Happy Saturday!


On Saturday because I'm awesome like that.

These images were not hand picked by me (I don't think I'd ever come up with this interesting combo... they come from Sandra Beijer's flickr favorites. I swear she has the most amazing favorites. I'm pretty sure she won't mind if I borrow a few. Her blog is cute as a button too (it's in Swedish but visit here...)

I just adore Saturdays. I am going to work just a smidge on my many fun projects (Matchbook launches in just a week! Can't wait to share the lovely lady I did this month...and many other fabulous projects). I am going to give myself a little manicure a la The Cherry Blossom Girl (have you seen how she does her nails, I love it!) because I am going to a grown-up dinner party with extended family I got to look extra spiffy, and I am just going to spend hours looking for more more more inspiration and gorgeousness on the internet. I must come up with many more new exciting things to draw.