Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cleaning Up!

Because my mother arrives tomorrow I thought it a great excuse to do some heavy cleaning... rugs have been washed, the fridge cleaned out, bathroom scrubbed in all nasty corners, windows cleaned, floors scrubbed, and I even took the time to re-arrange my workspace.

It's a whole lot cleaner and easier to organize all of my many papers, shipping supplies, pens, and other accessories. Plus it looks rather nice too, I think!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Taco Night

I just adore taco night! Especially if all the sauces, dips and sides are homemade (no jar taco sauce for this girl... I'll buy ready made tortillas though.) The other night with the boyfriend's family, we made a gorgeous homemade taco feast with 2 sorts of fresh salsas, guacamole, cooked black beans, chili chocolate cumin ground beef, and lime scented sour cream. We even made flavored water with cucumbers, lemons and fresh mint (love!) I'm loving the tropical table cloth as well, so fitting!

If it was were always this yummy, I could have taco night every week (or every night even)!

TM Stock

Recently I've been working a lot with a men's ties company in New York City, called T.M. Stock... now it's time to show off all the great things I've designed and drawn. Everything from postcards, posters, backgrounds for trade shows, brochures and catalogs. Plus most of the work was done in Illustrator, a program that I am much more comfortable with now after many hours of use for these projects. I loved drawing all of the frames (my favorite part). Don't their ties have gorgeous patterns with really fun colors?!

What do you think?

Marie Antoinette

Image by Caitlin Shearer

Hello Monday! Let's start off the week with some major sweetness, Marie Antoinette inspired too none the less. Love these little paintings for Caitlin Shearer's newest textiles, so soft, feminine and delicious! Love love love.

Thinking this is going to be another great week as my Momma is coming to Sweden, (on Wednesday, yay!) and I get to enjoy a little more vacation and a lot of family time. Pretty excited!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Really off the blogging ball this week. (oh well I had a life this week, hehe!) As mentioned before, thank goodness for Sundays!

Strandvägen is Stockholm's most expensive, gorgeous, frou frou streets to live on or have a business facade. I've never really understood why so many Stockholmers strive to get even the smallest of apartments (at the cost of millions and millions) on this regal street when there are plenty of other gorgeous places to live within gorgeous Stockholm... but then again this view is just amazing!

Image via here....

Have a Happy Sunday!

This Week I...

Since I missed doing this on Friday as I should have, why not do a little recap today... this is what Sundays are for, aren't they?

Must say I had a really great free week. I'd just completed a few huge projects and didn't really have much to do, plus boyfriend had vacation this week (and the next 2 following weeks) so it almost feels as though I have vacation as well. (I just can't help myself from checking my email several times a day though.)

Images via my Instagram (emmakisstina)

This Week I...

1.  Made seven new illustrations for my shop! Including a new personal favorite Arm Candy.

2. Had a little extra time to start getting lost in the Game of Thrones series. Even better when you can enjoy reading in a park.

3. May have enjoyed several of these... blueberry juice, sprite and gin. Yum!

4. Went hiking in the worst possible shoes (leopard print ballerinas), stepped in countless wild blueberry bushes (17% of Sweden is covered in blueberries... did you know?), my feet were stained purple but the view made it all worth it!

5. Enjoyed a romantic overnight stay at a sweet 1700s country inn bed and breakfast, Wretas. Read more about my trip in this post...

6. My favoritest person in the entire world (the boyfriend of course) took me boating a few times. He's a great Captain and Stockholm's archipelago is stunning... though the water is freezing of course. Enjoyed a pinch of beach and sun life at least.

7. Even got to meet a few handsome horses.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello Friday!

Let's look at pretty pictures together, of our quick romantic overnight trip to Wretas.









Such a lovely place to stay for a quite retreat. We enjoyed a great dinner in the crisp white restaurant and a wonderfully sunny breakfast on the veranda the following morning. I just adored our floral wallpapered little room and the insane quiet of being out in the middle of no where.

Thursday, July 26, 2012



This week I've enjoyed a few free days. Boyfriend and I treated ourselves to a night at Wretas outside of Stockholm, and we've also lived at the country house a few days soaking in as much sun as Sweden supplies us with. Wonderful how gorgeous a little vacation is.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn

Oh Svenskt Tenn you never fail to inspire. I'd love a couch full of your perfectly designed pillows in fun colors and patterns. That would be wonderful!