Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daily Obsession...

Online Magazines!

I just discovered they're amazingness. Yesterday I sat down and actually looked through all the online magazines that I had heard all the bloggers blogging about but had never actually taken the time then to look at...or maybe just peeked at. I love the idea of an online mag...mainly because I adore FREE but also because the quality of the information and the photos and the features were all so wonderful and gorgeous and super stylishly put together. I of course adore the real feel of glossy pages and being able to flip through I hope print will never die!

Here are the magazines I probably all know about them but I want to share if I ever forget about one I have this to remind me. (nerd...)

Adore Home Magazine. Who doesn't adore Aussies? I 'adore' the sweetness of this one. So cute and so many wonderful products and artists featured.

Rue Magazine. A bit more New Yorkish glitzy glamour and super super stylish homes and people...blended with of course lots of Etsy finds and features.

Antler Magazine. One of my new favorites. I adore interviews of interesting people...and this mag has plenty. Plus pretty pictures and tons of illustrations.

Cellardoor Magazine. From the United Kingdom. Like Lula's little sister. Super ladylike, arty, sweet and interesting. Love!

Lonny Magazine. Possibly the new Domino!!! I do hope. Still can't believe Domino died. sad face...

Sweet Paul Magazine. Oh gosh, yumma! The pictures alone make me want to run into the kitchen to cook up elaborated meals and bake myself silly. The recipes look not to complex and the mix of housewares is nice as well. Yumma, again!

Does anyone know of anyothers I don't know about? Would be fun to discover them too!

Oh, and if you really really miss Domino you can alway flip through some select pages saved here in the Domino Files on Flickr.

Puss o Kram


Jamie said...

I have been looking at RUE a lot. Sfgirlbybay san fran apartment is amazing!

Cellardoor Magazine said...

Thanks for featuring us... we're glad we're one of your new favourite.