Sunday, May 4, 2008

a personal touch.

Lived in my new apartment now for a few weeks, had a fun house warming party, and have started to add a few more personal is starting to really feel like home. The weather is also getting I can have the windows open, I hear the huge old church bells ringing and groups of tourists walking past a few times per day. It is so lovely.




It was also a perfect sunday. Nice weather, wandered around the city, had a yummy lunch at a cafe and enjoyed the last day of the Andy Warhol exhibit at Moderna with a sweet friend. I love when days feel like they are happening in slow motion. I feel like I can get so much stuff done.....I hate the feeling of losing a whole day to nothing, like being super hungover or sleeping late or just sitting watching television. I love Andy Warhol. The next exhibit I want to see is the David LaChapelle exhibit. He is freakin' amazing.

Yesterday and today of course I have come up with lots of new projects to start working on for ETSY and for myself. I want to do a NAME BRAND WHORE series of illustrations. I also want to illustrate really pretty, sexy, flirty lingerie and stiletto heels. I also really want to paint again...but that as of yet I don't have a subject for. It is far too difficult to decide what to paint. It is more of a slow medium than drawing, I always feel it has to be something super fantastic, and super important, a masterpiece of course. Wish I had an art studio....oh and I also wish I had an amazingly perfect dream job!

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