Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blogger What's in my Bag: Ashley of Sugar and Cloth

Hello Saturday!

Where have I been? I have no idea and I'm not going to even attempt to make excuses because there are none. Let's talk about this pretty illustration instead.

This year I wanted to bring back my Blogger What's in my Bag series but instead of forcing myself to feature someone every month I've been really selective. This month I was so tickled that Ashley of Sugar and Cloth not only replied to my email but actually wanted to be a part of my series. Woo hoo! So here are her picks for her What's in my Bag illustration. Pretty nice right?!

If you'd like to take a peek at all of the lovely ladies I've featured in my series head on over to my Blogger What's in my Bag Pinterest board.

Also if you'd like one for yourself you can pop over to my Etsy shop and find my Custom What's in my Bag illustration.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let Me Introduce You to New EmmaKisstina Stockists

Hello Wednesday!

Long time no see. Where have I been? First I had a very irritating cold (may have blown my nose 5 million times in 3 days, which also left me with no energy to do anything else, grrr) and then my parents came to Stockholm for a visit, so not much work got done then either. But it was amazing having them here to show them what my life is like in Sweden. Nothing like spending time with your family when you only get to see them in person every other year or so.

Anywho, back to business. This Spring I've had the pleasure of adding 3 stockists, woo hoo! Let me introduce you to 3 stores now carrying my prints and products.

In Sweden: Wågat och Schöönt
Here in Malmö you can find a selection of my prints, scarves, makeup bags, and soon my acrylic trays.

In Switzerland: Stina's Café
Here in Luzern you can find a large selection of my silk scarves.

In USA: Colori
Here in San Marino, California you can find a selection of my silk scarves, prints and makeup bags.

I hope to add even more new stockists real soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Illustrations

 Hello Wednesday!

Since getting my new big fat square sketchbook I've been prompted to draw all the time, which is great because for awhile I didn't draw very much. (What ever works!) So in my free time I've been drawing tons of new illustrations both for fun and for my shop illustrations and other products.

First up an illustration inspired by popular French pharmacy products. I think this print would be perfect for any bathroom. The French seem to really know what they are doing in the beauty department. Anyone else a fan of French pharmacy products?

I was looking through my shop and noticed that I don't have any prints with sunglasses but one. This had to be rectified right away, and here is my new sunglasses print! I think I'd also like to do another version in the future with different colors and patterns on the glasses. Wouldn't that be fun?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Face of the Day: Everyday Makeup

Hello Wednesday!

Let's talk about makeup. Yay!

I spend a lot of my time drawing makeup products, watching YouTube beauty hauls & makeup tutorials and applying cosmetics to my face. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. I adore the packaging, colors, and textures of eyeshadows, blushes and all of the pretty tools such as brushes and eyelash curlers. It just makes me so happy and I also find it very inspiring! There are countless makeup looks to try out, everything from the everyday no makeup makeup face to full on dark smokey eyes or bold lips. What's not too love?!

Not only do I think makeup itself is really pretty to look at, I love the process of applying it to my face. It's like painting on paper but to accentuate my features :)  I wear some sort of makeup nearly everyday, not because I think I need it but because it makes me feel like a magical unicorn... plus it's just sooo much fun to use. Applying makeup is really soothing and creative as well as being an everyday luxury for me. Working from home it makes me feel more polished, confident and ready for a productive work day.

I don't have a signature makeup look because I just have too many makeup products to choose from plus I love being creative... but the look above may be the closest thing I have to an everyday face.