Monday, September 1, 2014

Client Projects: Fashion Ads

Hello Monday!

Today I wanted to show you another sort of custom illustration project that I work on. Besides drawing your favorite perfume, your new blog header or what's in your bag, I also have drawn favorite fashion ads. I've gotten several requests from clients to illustrate their favorite fashion ads, because they love them so much but want them much bigger to frame as a statement piece on their wall. I think this sort of project is really fun, because I get to copy an amazing photo but still make it my own. Here are a couple of examples that I have previously created for clients featuring a Moschino perfume ad and a Chanel lipstick ad.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lilac and August Review

Hello Friday!

I'm obsessed with lilac at the moment. (Big news, I know.) I can't think of a prettier color. It's so soft and feminine and makes me feel pretty and happy. I love it as a nail polish color, now as a background color and I've even got my eye on a few accessories I'd like to get myself in this gorgeous shade. Bought this super pretty Kikki K leather planner for 2015 and forever. (Already so excited for a new year, weird.) So for a while you may see a lot of purple around these parts. Just saying.

August was a lovely month. While July was for vacation, August was for getting back to work. And I'm pleased to say that I feel I actually have. Vacation really helped to amp up my motivation to get working on loads of new designs. I have so many new ideas, and designs I've been working on. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. Quite a nice problem to have!

What else happened in August?

• I visited Formex Stockholm's largest design trade show and it was incredibly inspiring.

• Featured so many lovely bloggers in my Blogger What's in my bag series. Coffee and Cashmere, Modish and Main, and Gala Darling. Such a lovely group of ladies. :)

• And I reduced all of my print prices in my Etsy shop. This is huge as I've never done this before. They will stay reduced through September too so happy shopping, hooray!

p.s. You can find my Tiny Flower Vases illustration in lilac in my EmmaKisstina Etsy shop here...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blogger What's in my Bag: Gala Darling

Hello Wednesday!

Fell off the blogging schedule a bit, because I just didn't have much to say or share. Fall has come early to Stockholm, so it's been really rainy, chilly, and I've pretty much just been inside working on illustration and product ideas. (Formex 2015 woo.) But today I definitely do, since I've got another amazing Blogger What's in my Bag illustration to show off. Today's illustration features the inspiring and pink loving Gala Darling.

Gala is a ray of sunshine and I'm just so tickled she was so enthusiastic about being a part of my series. I of course enjoyed creating this illustration a little bit extra because look. at. all. that. pink!

Besides Gala I've had the pleasure of featuring so many other inspiring and stylish ladies. To see my entire series you can view my Blogger What's in my Bag Pinterest board here...

And if you're interested in having one commissioned for yourself or a friend you can purchase this Custom What's in my Bag illustration in my Etsy shop here...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blogger What's in My Bag: Kristin of Modish and Main

Hello Wednesday!

I've got another great Blogger What's in My Bag illustration to show off today, featuring the bubbly Kristin of Modish & Main. This may be the brightest happiest funnest WIMB I've ever drawn! I'm totally in love with the sunny yellow Michael Kors bag, and all of the fun striped items, such as the Emily Ley Simplified planner and iPhone case. I've actually been thinking of getting Emily's planner for 2015. Heard so many great reviews. :)

If you'd like to see my entire illustrated series and all of the amazing blogger's I've featured you can view my Pinterest Blogger What's in my Bag board here...

And if you'd like to commission one of these illustrations for yourself or a friend you can purchase my Custom What's in my Bag illustration listing in my Etsy shop here...