Sunday, July 6, 2008

koloni stugor I HEART YOU!

I am totally in love with the little koloni stugor, or mini cottages, that are hidden the most gorgeous places around Stockholm. They are mini little one room houses with the most gorgeous gardens I have ever seen. Supposedly there are super long waiting lists to get them, like 10 or 15 year wait. Seems like a super fabulous place to have in the summer, especially the ones that are by the water side. People live in the city and then can take a little walk to their little cottage to have a cup of tea or read a great book or just work in their garden...feels like you are really far out in the country side but really you are in the middle of the city. They are so cute. When I am a super cute little old lady with lots of free time I want one.


I am surprised that they aren't mentioned in travel books and the such that much. They are so typically Swedish and definitely something worth seeing, we are also pretty sure that they are only found here in Sweden. My family doesn't have one...but we have friends who do. It is always fun to be invited to their parties at their cottage and then go look around at the little mini community. I love taking many many pictures of them and finding a favorite....that is difficult because they are all so dang gorgeous.

There are also many other little quiet beautiful places to just sit and hang out, such as a sweet bench with an amazing view of the city or in a park in the grass with all the flowers. I have a few favorite places. In Gamla Stan there are a few hidden benches to sit and read the news paper. On the island Skeppsholmen one can sit on the waters edge on the stone wall and get the best views of Stockholm city, especially when the sun is setting...that is my favorite.

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