Monday, June 7, 2010

New Work: Kurbits

It is about time a drew something Swedish! I should do a whole set of traditional Swedish clogs and Dala horses and the such (coming soon). These shoes by Swedish fashion designer ├ůsa Westlund I have adored for a while now...I still don't own a pair of my own but I am saving up. I think the idea is just genius. Taking a traditional wooden clog and transforming it into something more high fashion by putting a high heel on it and a few more feminine touches, they are so gorgeous! It would be super difficult to choose which pair to get. I am torn most between the gray pair and the pink pair. Which one do you like?

Wiki taught me that Kurbits is a decorative form of painting traditional to the Dalarna region of northern Sweden which was most popular during the years 1780-1870...but is still painted by skilled painters today on hand crafted wooden Dala horses, cabinets, and clogs.This one's got a bit of a modern twist too!

images hunted on google. Prints available in my store!

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