Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going Home!

Sitting on the train again on my way home to Stockholm. It is always nice to come home even if I had a really nice time with my grandparents and the rest of my Mother's side of the family. I got to take a few refreshing dips in the ocean (the water was 22 degrees celsius, not bad), went to a really fun 100 years party at a pretty yellow castle in a renovated stall, saw Mölle again, ate plenty of delicious meals and was of course spoiled just a bit. It was a wonderful mini vacation!

The only thing that was bothersome was that I was pretty much out of internet. I did have one of those USB mobil internet things but the strength and connection was worst than it was in the 90s...gosh it reminded me of the dial up days. I was able to quickly check my email, etsy, facebook of course.

Back to work in the studio on Monday. Got a very fun custom project request....let you know about that later.

Puss o Kram

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