Monday, September 13, 2010


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I think I have said this about a gagillion times this summer...but now I really mean it. Back to business! Summer is over, summer visitors have gone home, summer vacations and trips are done and none are planned for the nearest future. I need to get back into a better working scedule. I haven't drawn in my little studio in forever ever and I have a few new fun projects lined up and plenty that I have yet to finish. So since it is nearly half way through September (how did that happen so fast!) I need to crack down. I have set my normal alarm of 9am to 8am to start the day off a little earlier....I think that extra morning hour will be of a lot of help. Plus the BF is back in school again so he won't be such a wonderful distraction during my work days anylonger!

Oh and the photo you wonder! It was taken this past Saturday with my gorgeous little sister outside of an equally gorgeous HerrgÄrd out in the countryside where we were at a krÀftskiva (crayfish party...very Swedish!) I must confess my love for the 1700s soon. I have a few posts lined up. One about the very intriguing, talented and influencing Madame du Pompadour.

puss o kram

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