Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

I had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday I woke up after hours of wonderful sleep and crazy dreams to a camera...which captured my puffy dry eyelids and tiredness.

I think it's a very beautiful vulnerable photo. Don't you?

After a lazy long breakfast and a bit of shlubbing at home I prettied myself and jumped on the train to Stockholm to see the Fashion photography exhibit at the rather new photo museum Fotografiska. It was kind of amazing. Both the building which is an old customs house and the photos which covered fashion photography from the 1920's until current. I of course adore the older photographs the most...they have such glamour.

Camilla Ă…krans I heart you.

Man Ray
Oh, and a bookstore to die for!

Sunday was wonderful too. A long cold walk by the lake and a bit of window shopping at a huge new shopping center and a quick trip to IKEA to buy new pillows to help us dream even more.




Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.

Puss o Kram

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