Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

If only you could all see the ridiculously gray windy awful snow storm that is going on right now! I am at my studio today (which thankfully now has electricity and heating!!!) I am enjoying the view of the sea and harbor which looks especially cold today...ridiculously cold, like Siberia cold. The water is a deep blue gray as well as the sky and we have several feet of snow already. I adore the mountains of snow that collect on the sides of the roads as huge snow plows clean the streets too. It looks like the artic...I want to build and igloo. It most definitely is WINTER!

Waiting for the bus...freezing my buns off.

Our anniversary dinner was a royal success. A few photo perhaps...

King Crab and scallops in browned butter and lemon.

Our table.

Four different types of oysters...all were delicious. We enjoyed them with a drop of Japanese Shiso dressing.

We also had a mini wine tasting. Two very crisp white wines.

My wonderfully under the sea seaweed salad.

Also a bit of chevre and Saint André was a nice touch.

I made Mousse au Chocolat for dessert but it was so yummy it was devouerd before it had the chance to be photographed, hehe.

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

U werent kidding when you said it was royal success!!! You guys really know how to celebrate! ;-)))


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