Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lucile's Kitchen

Oh my goshness! What could be better than pretty prints, yummy recipes, and Paris all put together? I think nothing! Lucile Prache of Etsy store Lucile's Kitchen has taken all of our obsessions and mashed them together to make one really classy, a bit girlie, gorgeous and yummy Etsy shop.

Her watercolor paintings of food items like fruit, cupcakes, and of course french macarons are so simple and would look amazing in any domestic goddess foodlover's kitchen. I love the idea of drawing and illustrating full recipes too...why didn't I think of this first? The artist claims that she seriously lives in her kitchen (which is bright sunny yellow, by the way) both drawing and cooking...I can relate. If I am not infront of my computer or with a sketchbook in hand I am in the kitchen...I wish though that I had place to sit in my kitchen too...but there is really only standing room, city apartments, sigh.

Take a peek...

What do you think?

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

she is pretty great... Love all of them!!!! ;-)))