Sunday, December 12, 2010


A lot of my time this week and weekend has been preoccupied with fixing these 17 gorgeous frames which will soon find their new home in a gorgeous showroom in the heart of Stockholm City. My finger tips are a bit sore from prying open frames and taping tons of illustrations perfectly into passepartouts. But they all turned out so nicely. I think it's a great mix!







They are not the best photos because we have nearly no sunlight (and I am a sucky photographer)... but I did my best.

This week I have had to go frame shopping a few times this week (IKEA and Clas Olhson) which is really fun of course. I adore my work in both white and black frames... I haven't tried gold frames myself, but am sure that would look amazing too. I have worked in my studio a little extra this week as well to print out extra illustrations for lots of Christmas orders, licked tons of envelopes and filled out tons and tons of addresses and customs slips. I've also done a lot of traveling between my home and studio (45 mins each way with the train) and home to the printers which also takes 45 mins each way. (Can't wait till February when we move much closer to the city!!!)

During my long travels I have been preoccupied with an American Classic, Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, which is both gorgeously and chillingly written. I am sickened and fascinated at the same time. Makes long train rides feel like 5 minutes.

Now it is a quiet Sunday and I am enjoyed catching up with favorite blogs, while listening to classic French music and baking saffron buns.

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

They all look great. So gentle and girly. Looooveee! :-))))


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