Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My new phone!

As a Christmas present to myself I bought a new phone! It's an android with touch and all those fun features. It can do more than just call people, isn't that exciting!!! hehe I thought I had been a very good girl this year and was deserving of some new technology. Feels like I finally made it to 2010, and just barely.

Anyhow, this new gadgit of mine of course needs some accessories. A case perhaps! Some Etsy shopping perhaps?! But gosh there are seriously a gagillion to choose from.... but I think I like this one best. Now to choose a color... help me!

From Lova Revolutionary on Etsy. So many gorgeously colored felt goodies.

I adore the Felt Owl Phone case... help me choose a color!

I think it's between 4  11  15  and 21. But they are all so cute and funny. 

Which do you like best?