Monday, January 17, 2011

Pay it Forward

Hey! It's Monday! We actually have a sunny day today. (Can't remember the last time we had a sunny day... umm in October?) The mountains of snow are turning into just wonderfully mush brown colored hills of slush. Funness! Good thing I invested in sexy huge rubber boots. 

Enough about the weather. I was tagged by the ever entertaining and redongculously talented illustrator Maya Beus to continue a post. So here are 7 things you didn't know about me...

p.s. I'm not a blond.

1. I have the most ridiculous phobias ever. I am actually super scared of Coca-Cola and ketchup. I can't be near the stuff. The smell haunts me and I think I would seriously cry if someone spilt one of the two on me (or even more horrifying both!) I must have been traumatized as a child. hehe I also have a ridiculous vomit-phobia (but who likes ralphing?)

2. I have two passports and two highschool diplomas (I graduated twice spring 2002), weird I know. My parents moved our family from Maine to Florida (for work) in my senior year in high school. I graduated at my new school with people I didn't know and then graduated with the kids I had grown up with and gone to school with since kindergarden. I suppose it was a sentimental graduation more than anything else. And two passports since I was born in the States but my parents are Swedish so I got duel citizenship automatically. It's a sinch traveling... never have to wait in anything long customs lines. woo hoo!

3. I have a scar on my left cornea (from having the chicken pox when I was 4), so I see practically nothing. There is the possiblity of cornea transplant, but the idea of surgery to my eyeball while being awake and seeing the entire process freaks me out. I am totally content with continuing to use my safe trendy red plastic glasses.

4. Hmm, I am such an introvert and an old soul. I very rarely get bored. I have no problem being alone and finding small things to entertain myself with, such as cooking, baking, or reading (housewify things). Pretty good quality since I work from home. I have turned into quite the avid reader. Already finished 5 books this year (haha and it is only the 17th, I need to get a social life!) 2 Agatha Christies, 2 Roald Dahl biographies, and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (Which I enjoyed very much Becky, thanks!) I also seriously hate partying now. Going out for a few drinks with the ladies is fun. But dumb ass house parties with far too many drinks, table dancing and other shananigans is getting old. I want to have adult dinner parties where you can can talk and actually hear what others are saying. I must be getting old! Yes!

5. I have moved 6 times in 3 years (and we are working on our 7th move this week!!!!) The weirdest place my BF and I lived for a few months was in the Women's dressing room of a car shop/dealership which BF's parents own. Just as glamorous as it sounds (at least it was free!) The housing situation in Stockholm is ghastly! 

6. This one I am actually embarassed about. I was a model for like 5 seconds when I was 16. Only did silly model training and took test photos. I had an agent but never got any jobs because when I turned 17 I was too fat (a.k.a. healthy looking.) Once in art school I was a nude model for artistic purposes (I kept my underoos on so I suppose I wasn't really nude... ) but pretty much. My only hippy moment ever... just a part of the Art School experience!

7. Oh and the best one for last of course. I have never in my life opened a soda can! Beat that!

Hope that was somewhat enjoyable! I tag all my readers to repost! Lame I know.


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

I swear this is the most fun "7 things..." I've read... So funny about your phobias. I have none, except maybe snakes (can't see them on TV). I love your list, so much fun.


p.s. Did you ever get my message about meagan's blog, one that organized the whole Illustrators drawing illustrators blog crawl?

Meagan Morrison said...

Awesome list!! Very entertaining indeed. So nice to get to know you a little better. Can't believe you have dual citizenship. I would kill for that. I just posted my seven things. You should check it out.

Meag xx

Jamie said...

Have you read Steve Martins "Objects of Beauty?" I have heard good things.

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...