Monday, January 3, 2011

A Room with a View...

New Drawings! They haven't been colored yet but they look great as outlines, don't you think?

Italian Balcony
Stockholm Balcony

Part of a new series of Balcony drawings from around the world... or at least all the big cities. Can't wait to draw the intricate iron swirls and twirls of a Paris Balcony! Oh or the manly regalness of a London balcony... or the romanticism of a flower covered Greek Balcony.

I have a lot of new series that I have planned for the new year.... can't wait to share them!


Ally said...

These are lovely! They would make such a nice series framed on my walls! Can't wait to see more.

Jamie said...

I want to see a Tampa balcony! It will need to include a kitty litter box, dead plant and an overfilled ashtray. Please draw it!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

This is very lovely. I like the Stockholm one a lot. :-)it seems sunny... or I imagine all balconies sunny :-))


Johanna - said...

Lovely! Your illustrations are so beautiful! :)