Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Svart is black in Swedish. I like how it sounds... dark, heavy, strong. I got this thing against svart/black though. Cool fashiony people, rockstars, and Stockholmers wear all black or at least a lot of black. I'm not that cool, I can't pull it off. I also find it rather uncreative, uninspiring, and pretentious to wear all black. But don't get me wrong I wear black too. (I am wearing a black dress and black tights... always contradicting myself, dang it!) I feel like the Gestapo or a Ninja when I wear all black... so I usually laugh at myself in the mirror and then go change a piece to something with color.

I'm pretty ridiculous. Now that I got this thing about black and know that Swedes are all about the non color I try to wear not a lick of it. My winter coat is navy... so there! haha (I have a black one too... dang it! But I haven't used it all winter so it doesn't count. So there again!) Always trying to go against the stream just a smidge.

What got me thinking about svart is Lykke Li's wonderfully dark video for her vampy new song Get Some. Have you seen it? No?


Reminds me of the days I used to play alot with ink and water and salt. Great interesting results. You should try it!

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