Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Heart U...

Getting into the Valentines spirit today since it is the first of February... I have made my most prettily simple print ever. A wonderfully plain heart with a few simple stitches in 3 colors to chose from. A sweet everyday Valentine.

Which color do you like best? Coral Turquoise or Raspberry? My favorite is the first one in Raspberry. Reminds me of my favorite lipstick in a shade called 'Beg Me' from Victoria's Secret, which I only sport if I'm feeling really flirtatious.

You can find them in my shop too!!!




 This print would look just too lovely in a shiny white frame on display with a garland of pink and red paper pom-poms, by a vase full of a dozen red roses, and many many handmade Valentines from all your suitors, hehe.

p.s. I don't wear so much lipstick any longer since meeting BF. I miss my bright lips but I don't want to miss out on any sweet kisses. such a dilemma, sigh. ;)