Saturday, February 19, 2011


On Saturday because I'm awesome like that.

These images were not hand picked by me (I don't think I'd ever come up with this interesting combo... they come from Sandra Beijer's flickr favorites. I swear she has the most amazing favorites. I'm pretty sure she won't mind if I borrow a few. Her blog is cute as a button too (it's in Swedish but visit here...)

I just adore Saturdays. I am going to work just a smidge on my many fun projects (Matchbook launches in just a week! Can't wait to share the lovely lady I did this month...and many other fabulous projects). I am going to give myself a little manicure a la The Cherry Blossom Girl (have you seen how she does her nails, I love it!) because I am going to a grown-up dinner party with extended family I got to look extra spiffy, and I am just going to spend hours looking for more more more inspiration and gorgeousness on the internet. I must come up with many more new exciting things to draw.

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