Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Elin...

Elin Kling, our own Swedish fashion Princess. Dunno how to describe this triple threat, or rather quadruple threat? What I can say is one wants to hate her because her life seems just too perfect, and she is pretty and has perfect style but one can't hate her. Impossible, she is just too down to earth and super charming and she really does have style (though I couldn't pull it off, I'm not that cool and I don't own enough black or leather). She is a model, fashion blogger, stylist, and now magazine editor of her very own magazine. Oh forgot to mention she just released her own collection with H&M, gosh can you say huge? yes! I am mainly envious or rather completely fascinated by her amount of energy to travel all over the world, blog everyday and work on countless projects and mini businesses. Can you give me some of your motivation Elin, please!

She of course also has a gorgeous apartment and gorgeous Beau too!

 Does Elin inspire you?

photos via Style by Kling and Residence magazine

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