Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I miss you obscure film and music...

What seems like forever ever ago was really only a handful of years ago but still it almost feels like a different life time. I am talking about living at home in the States. My life really has completely changed and developed since my move about 3 years ago. My interests and obsessions have changed, and my favorite activities have turned into new ones. I suppose this is what happens when one gets older but it stuns me all the same, because I don't remember how it happened. Going to a rock concert last night with the BF triggered these thoughts. (We saw old favorite Interpol, if you are interested... love.) Around when I was 20-ish I was completely obsessed with music. I would read all sorts of music magazines and look up lyrics online and try to discover new cool bands. I even went to quite a few shows, I also of course dated a few boys in bands... comes with the territory I suppose! I took over my father's vinyl collection where I found all the classics like the Beatles and the Stones and then discovered poppy 60's french italian and swedish artists too, love! (Oh of course ABBA was in the mix, duh) To compliment my indie nostalgic music taste I tried to get my hands on as many old Hollywood movies starring classic starlets like Marilyn and Elizabeth and Audrey and New Wave French movies by geniuses like Godard and Truffaut as I could. I borrowed them in stacks from my local library. I could watch 400 Blows on repeat (and I did.)

But then all of a sudden I have realized that I don't listen to music very often, and I haven't seen a classic black and white movie in years. What has happened?

So this weekend I rediscovered AFI's 100 lists. I spent all Sunday afternoon youtubing (new verb) trailers from all the classic Hollywood and French movies. Many I had seen but hardly remember and others I have some how missed... like Citizen Cane. (which they rate as number 1, I must just see this movie asap.)

And then going to Interpol triggered my love for music again.

So bring on round two of obscure music and film lovin'! This time around I think it will be even better as I have someone special to share with.


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

I personally think that changes in personality are good... That's the way person evolves. I adore all the things you just cited and am thinking, I just downloaderd bunch of Kurosawa's films. So so great! :-)


Jamie said...

Lets start our movie nights on Saturdays again. If we want to be really nostaligic I can fall asleep within the first 10 minutes of the film haha.