Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I can now share one of the secret projects I have been working on, exciting huh? I have designed Zalando's (a German shoe and accessories retailer) new UK blog. I got to illustrate lots of little shoes, and have drawn a wonderfully complex black and white feather and gemstone background, which I am rather so proud of. (Took hours to draw all those little circles!)

Have a peek! The site is kind of in limbo now but it should be up and running soon, as well as an online british shop.

What do you think? It really was a fun process... almost as fun as redesigning my own little blog (though I must admit is of course a little bit more fun). I look forward to many more such projects. wink!

My favorite part is the background which I also inverted to create the text in the headlines. I really hope Zalando and their future followers will adore the new design.

I wish I could share everything I am working on... but it is just too much fun being a tease!

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