Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of the Year Art School Exhibits, Stockholm!

The majority of this weekend's activities have been devoted to checking out the latest works of art and design students from the major art and design schools here in Stockholm; Berghs, Beckmans, and Konstfack. Rather fun to see what kinds of ideas and projects (craziness) they are coming up with these days. Must admit that for the most part I am at a loss to what the work is supposed to be about, totally over my head, but it is fun to see anyhow. (I think I have lost my Art School weirdness, oh well) It is obvious how much work is put into each project (an entire semester, haha or a few all nighters). Nah, but seriously, these are very good schools, their students go on to be super successful at ad agencies, and get art agent offers left and right, and a few might even get work shown in galleries or bought up by museums if they're really lucky. (Just a smidge jealous...)

At Berghs the most serious school, one could say, had many very developed professional final projects, for vacuum cleaner companies, allergie awareness, music festivals, and the such. They seemed to be ready for purchase from huge companies. (And very well might be) You can see and read about all the projects here...

At Beckmans where the projects are much more Contemporary Art (a.k.a. arty farty) I experienced many more, 'huh?' moments. (But many were also very clever!) Read more about the projects and see more pictures here... Some of my favorites:

And finally Konstfack which is more of a mix of the two, with a pinch of traditional art techniques, was very impressing just in size... it was like a full on Contemporary Museum of Art. Lots of talent and a lot of 'huh?' moments here too. hehe Read more about the artists and their work here... Some of my favorites:

(Photos taken from respective school websites.)

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