Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last week the newspaper had an entire section devoted to summer recipes. The only one to really catch my eye... this berry mazarin. I baked it right away and we devoured it so quickly it never made a photo! Seriously soooo good. A crusty buttery pie shell, filled with creamy fluffy almond paste cream, crunchy almond slices and then mixed sweet raspberries and strawberries.

Today I plan on baking it again, but this time with apples instead of berries. I think it will be just as yummy, possibly even better!



Maybe this time I'll take a photo! Oh and if it turns out just as lovely as I imagine I'll convert the measurements from Swedish, so you all can try!

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Meagan Morrison said...

Oh wow, sounds delicious!! Good for you, baking a desert from scratch is very courageous. I just buy from the bakery lol.

Meag xx