Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hmm what did I do this weekend? On Monday? Nothing, oh right! Moving on then....*

So it's Tuesday! I've got lots of fun new custom projects I'm working on, everything from custom Sweethearts, kittie cats, lots of purses and inspirational t shirts. (Show you when I'm finished of course!)

But before I get to work today I must share some other talent...

Bianca Chang, my word! To have the energy to cut up 200 perfectly measured and planned sheets of paper, is just unbelievable.


Bianca Chang - Recent Works, June 2011 from Bianca Chang on Vimeo.

*Disclaimer: I'm not a total loser, I of course didn't do nothing, I did all kinds of wonderfully normal boring things. :) Talked to my Momma on the hellophone, baked 3 dozen white choc dark choc chunk cookies, watched the movie Bridesmaids (funny but why are Americans so obsessed with toilet humor?), roasted a whole chicken stuffed with grapes and figs, got sucked into a Swedish crime thriller (Tre Sekunder), met a really sweet girlie who's a fan of my work (Hej N!), watched the original Beverly Hills 90210 for hours (I'm on season 3, love!) cut up a gagillion sheets of cardboard for my mail orders, finished a top secret project (exciting!), semi dried some delicious yellow tomatoes for hours, oh and witnessed two youngsters 'doing it' behind a tree in a kiddie park in the middle of the day! (umm strange)

Okay that's better, now I can get on with my day.

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