Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Malin does it again...

I've written about Malin before... here actually. I am just in awe and in love with her technique. One of those times when one thinks 'why didn't I come up with this?'. Though I'm uncertain that I have the patience for paper cutting. First she hand paints and splatters pieces of paper, then she meticulously cuts pieces to fit into her works. Ja, I totally would go crazy. (I'll stick to pen and paper, fine by me.)

Well now she has shared another project with us. One that she completed while in art school, a collaboration with the largest publishing house in Sweden Bonniers. (Just that is amazing... and I could just kick myself for not going to a Swedish art school, because of all the amazing opportunities one gets here.... oh wait, that's right, I wasn't accepted... nevermind.)

Anywho! Take a peek at the work she did for a collection of Dorothy Sayers novels. Have you read her works? It likes Agatha Christie but with more atmosphere. (Must admit that I like Agatha much better and was a bit bored by Dorothy's work... but these gorgeously designed books make me want to give them another chance.)

I think I like this last one the best.

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