Friday, September 2, 2011


Sometimes I wish I were a shopaholic. Seems so much fun and I'd have so many pretty new things. But I'm just far too sensible, frugal, and practical to ever possibly be a real shopaholic. Geez, loosen up a little Kristina.

I satisfy my shopping cravings with lots and lots of online 'window shopping'. Here are a few things I'm dreaming about...

This fluffy H&M coat seems so cozy and warm. Perfect for the long dark winter we've got coming up. Want!

I of course would then need impractical light colored booties to match.

Something like these from Asos...

Then I'd need a new pair of gloves. All of my pairs are a little too big for my thin little fingers. 
I adore leopard print so these would be perfect! H&M again...

I'm on a bit of a creamy neutral kick right now. This look would look amazing with all my colorful crazy clothes under and a gorgeously colorful scarf on top.

Time to save my pennies... Have a gorgeous weekend!

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