Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Scarf Story

I am overly excited that I am finally able to share all my hard work. I am so proud. It feels like I've been waiting for ever ever ever.


Here's my scarf story....

Back in April I was introduced to the process of digital silk scarf printing. (How did I not know about this!?!) It opened my eyes to a whole new world of where I could take my illustrations. What would be better than taking my framed illustrations and transforming them into something one can wear? Perfection!

I've always had a thing for fashion, but I recently realized that the fabric is what I am most drawn to, not being a clothing designer. So designing textiles has been a delicious experience. A dream really... Designing an exclusive Limited Edition 100% silk scarf mini collection seemed like a fun first step into the world of textile design.

So by May I was completely obsessed with starting work on my own collection. And I did. I wanted my first designs to each have a different look (so I could test out different thing, see what works.) One classic, one glamorous, one super girly etc. Each design took about 24 hours to dream up, draw, ink, scan, vectorize and then digitally color. Because I wanted these scarves to be perfect I updated up my technique a little bit. The boyfriend taught me how to use illustrator. (Now I'm pretty obsessed!) By taking a lot of time to vectorize my lines to make them perfectly black and clean (with out compromising my hand drawn lines of course) my designs look more professional and translate better on the super luxurious light weight silk. So gorgeous! I think you'll still recognize my work, don't worry.

My 5 scarf designs were completed by the end of July. That was the easy part. I could draw about 100 designs if I wanted to. The hard part has been finding production and all the business aspects (not my strongest side...eek!) But it all worked out, just takes a dang long time and a lot lot lot of emailing. All summer I was just dying of anticipation to see them in reality while I worked on tags and making contacts. Due to a few set backs I had to wait until September to see them. (I hate waiting!!!) Everything takes such a long time, seriously, who knew?

Now it's October and they're here. (And I'm obsessing over them) Please allow me to now introduce my first ever silk scarf collection in detail... coming up in the next post (so I don't overwhelm you all.)

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