Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cherry Blossom Branches, Ribbons and Pearls

Progress report: It's finished! I went a little drawing crazy last night and started as well as finished my second scarf design. I think it turned out gloriously... all I have to do now is erase the scribbly pencil lines and it will be ready to scan.

I'm really bad at stopping to take photos inbetween layers of work but this is what I did...

Cherry Blossoms, Ribbons and Pearls

I started with the branches and the little buds. Then added swirls of pearl strands.

Then I finished with tied ribbons, they almost resemble butterflies. 

Since I was still super excited about drawing I decided to ink it in as well. Took all evening and lots of tv show watching!

Now it looks like this...

What a gorgeous tangle!

I love drawing slowly, deciding carefully which parts will over lap or left in the background.

I think my pearl circles turned out rather round. Pretty!

I can't wait to color it in with shades of rich corn blue and pretty pinks with highlights of white pearls and light green buds. Here's my inspiration if you missed my past post...

The ribbons are inspired by Japanese wishing trees. Pieces of paper with wishes are tied on to the branches like in this gorgeous photo. Such a romantic idea.

The Wish Tree
Via Flickr. Click for source.
What ever shall I draw now?


Julia said...

What a beautiful & clever interpretation of cherry blossoms! I'm looking forward to seeing the scarf all colored in...please share! I also find wishing trees to be inspiring. I love Yoko Ono's at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden in DC

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Well Thanks Julia! I will of course share. Yoko's is very gorgeous!