Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just a smidge more Japanese...

I made sushi and miso soup with the left over Japanese ingredients. Miso soup may be one of the most delicious things there is.



It was rather yummy too... but I should have seasoned the rice more in the sushi. At least the miso was insanely delicious!

You know how to make miso right? It's really really easy.

All you need is miso paste (there are tons of different types... try your way through them to find a favorite. Right now I'm using a rather rich brown paste with soy bean chunks, there is also light brown and red and really dark brown pastes.)
Plus some dashi stock powder. It's a smokey dried fish powder yum! You can find this in most asian stores.
Bring water up almost to a boil, mix in the miso and the stock... that's it.

Garnish with seaweed, scallions and cubed tofu.


Vagrant-girl said...

Your sushi looks so good and yummy.
Makes me hungry now :P

Amelie's Paperie said...

I love miso soup! It's so good for you too. If anybody is going to make it, it's important to remember not to boil the water because it kills the nutrients in the miso.