Tuesday, February 21, 2012

14 Days!

Hello Tuesday! What happened to Monday? who knows, I was major busy I suppose.

Since I'm going on 'vacation' in just 2 weeks (just twwwoooo weeks, yessss!!!) I all of a sudden got tons and tons of custom projects to complete. This is super fun of course and a little stressful too, as it would be best if I could complete the majority before flying to sunny Florida. I will still be working on a few projects while on vacation of course (I am self employed non the less and can never be completely free) but it would be nice to have a lot of free time so I can spend it with my family and friends... who I don't get to see very often. sigh.

Well anyhow, you can only imagine how excited I am. Found my self cursing at the slushy yucky snow this weekend and then the refrozen slush yesterday. Can't wait to walk on dry sidewalks with out fear of constantly falling and breaking my drawing arm. (haha!... but seriously)

Plus I'm insanely excited to get a little shopping done in the States. With the dollar so low my hard earned Swedish Crowns are gonna get me far, woo hoo. I'm dreaming of tons of new pretty dresses, stocking up on makeup favorites and even investing in a few computer accessories (a drawing tablet perhaps?) Can not wait! Everything is sooo cheap in America!

Plus Plus I can't wait to cuddle with this guy, Geordie...

Geordie with a tilt

... and his brother Jack too of course.

Just 14 more days.

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