Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All Packed up and Ready to Go

As you all know (or at least I hope so) I got another shipment of scarves last week. Now all my designs are back in stock. woo hoo! This weekend I took the time to package them all up gorgeously.... with hang tags, limited edition number stickers, tissue paper wrapping, and a lovely wrap around matching info tag. I even finish each one with my signature!

A few behind the scenes photos perhaps?!

I love working on the floor

I think my hang tags are so cute.

A few all finished

Limited Editions of 100... a little tricky to keep track of.

This is how they arrive from the English sewing factory. All ironed, perfectly sewn and folded.

I love their matching wrap around tags. My aunt came up with the idea. Smarty pants!

Wow that was exciting... just a little maybe.

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