Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pattern Making!

Since visiting Svenskt Tenn last weekend, and drooling over Josef Frank's gorgeous textiles I've been obsessing about pattern making. I want to create my own complex gorgeous repeat fabric/wallpaper type patterns! I didn't really know how, but now with the help of several youtube tutorials and studying Josef Frank's design sketches (I loaned a book of his work from the library) I finally figured it out! Not at all hard, just requires a little math, and lots of patience. The computer helps a lot too. Pattern making by hand is fun, but of course takes a little while longer... lots of small details to measure correctly. But that's the part I really like.

I've been collecting tons of inspiration on Pinterest! I love love love Josef Frank's designs, but also William Morris' and plenty others. I think it would be really fun to do a modern Toile design too. It's on my dream todo list.

See all my inspiration here...

I've already started work on one design with ribbons, pearls, chains and lipsticks... of course!

Here's a peek!

So much fun!

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