Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sourdough update!

Hooray! My sourdough is alive! I am just so proud that it didn't turn into a moldy mess. Now I promise to take really great care of it from now on. Gonna be a perfect sourdough Mommy, hahaha :)

Today I plan on putting it to the test though, baking a loaf of healthy sourdough bread, to test that it really is working. Share with you later, if it turns out gorgeous.

My new sour friend and my favorite bread baking book by Martin Johansson.

See I know it's working because it's all think and bubbly and lightly sour (and gorgeous)... and because it rose like crazy and made a big mess all over my counter when I fed it!

You didn't miss the how to make a sourdough base post did you? Here it is....

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