Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nybrogatan 40B

It is finally balcony season in Stockholm (well today maybe not, it's raining cats and dogs, but still.) Yesterday Johan and I planted lots of new herbs which we will be able to enjoy fresh all summer and even freeze for the winter. We got rosemary, parsley, dill, basil, chives, thai basil, lemon thyme, lavender, bay leaves, and cilantro. Sounds yummy huh? They make me incredibly happy and I'm just so excited! (gosh I'm such a food nerd.)

We love our little balcony, perfect for two, and super cute. But I've got major balcony (rather roof terrace) envy of this apartment for sale in Stockholm.

Are you seeing this? I am so jealous! Perfect for dinner parties with lots of lovely friends and also perfect for Sweden with it's chilly nights. Plus the greenhouse like structure is just gorgeous. I'm in love...

I can only imagine how cozy and romantic it would look at night with lots of burning candles.

The rest of the house is really impressive too, though this roof top feature is definitely the highlight. See the rest of the house tour here...

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