Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Via Design Love Fest

Today's Question: How do you stay motivated?

Without having a boss always on my case it can be difficult at times not to get distracted or to stay motivated. I'm my own boss and I'm the only one that can organize my time and force myself to keep working on my commissioned projects, to create new ones or to stay current and updated on all of my sites.

I'm human so I of course have off days (thankfully not too many, phew). Sometimes I can sit in front of my computer screen or a plain white piece of paper and just go blank. I know that I have plenty of things on my to do list (maybe even a few over due things, eek) but a few hours will just go by and I haven't done anything. Major guilt! 

Usually after a few hours, a great meal or maybe even if my block is really bad, the next day, I'll snap out of it and become really productive. Such as I always get the most done on Mondays because I feel a bit guilty from not working at all or very little on the weekends. When I need a real motivational kick I take a look at the portfolios of other artists and designers that I admire. Instead of becoming super jealous (I am of course a bit jealous) they motivate me to also work harder, create new projects and reach out to new vendors, and possibilities.

One person I admire a lot would be graphic designer Bri Emery of Design Love Fest. Just a few minutes on her site and I'm ready to get back to work. She has amazing design skills, a slue of fun collaborations and exciting projects, co-runs blogshop, has an amazingly positive attitude, and not to mention she's super real with her readers. Seems like she has everything going for her (but we all know she has the talent and has worked her butt off to get where she is.)

A few of my tips for staying motivated:

• Go to the gym, take a walk or dance around in your underoos in your living room. 
When I feel great and have lots of energy I get more done.
• Study a few of your favorite designers and artists (sounds a bit creepy but it's not.) 
Learn what they do and then do it (with your own twist of course.)
• Take a break if you need it. Eat something.
• Don't feel guilty about not working or being motivated to do so 24/7... it's normal


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Thanks! I'll be sure to use those tips for when I have to work on my exam! :)