Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Trends and Techniques

Today's Question: How do you stay updated with new trends and techniques?

I love learning new things and I especially love teaching myself. When I was little (I was a big nerd) I went to the library often and brought home piles of books on different subjects; painting, paper crafts, history, textiles, cookbooks, etc. I loved learning things quietly and at my own pace, I sucked up new things quickly like a sponge, and lived in my very own dream world. I thought it was way more satisfying and fun teaching myself something than being taught. Lots of Go Me moments! haha

Now a-days we have the marvelous internet where I can read tons of blogs and watch youtube tutorials about just about anything. I like learning about digital drawing techniques, simple html, pattern making tips, and other artist's tricks. I love that I can now teach myself new things that are not just for personal enjoyment but will actually help me develop my business. Plus I don't even have to leave my apartment. (Gosh I'm such a hermit!)

Right now I'm in the process of teaching myself more photoshop and illustrator techniques as well as think it would be fun to learn how to make simple videos. (My plan is to make a few simple video tutorials of how I create my illustrations and designs, would you like that?)

You can learn just about anything on your own... just Google it!

A few things I've taught myself:

• How to use Photoshop
• How to make my digital illustrations
• How to make patterns
• How to customize my blog template with simple css changes
• How to create a website

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