Thursday, June 14, 2012

Social Media Craze

Oh my gosh golly! Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, what else? How on earth do we have the time and energy to keep up on all of these social media sites?!

Just writing this post I stopped to check my Facebook page a few times and somehow got sucked into the wonderful world of Pinterest for a little while. hahaha I'm not sure how many hours a day I put into my social media sites, but I would guess it would be quite a few. It's the fabulous 21st Century and all of these internet outlets allow me to work my dream job from home, easier, faster and more efficiently. Plus I reach all corners of the globe, which is just amazing. So I'm very thankful and try to update as much as I like and can; it's really fun too. (I'm not one to go overboard... when I don't have any thing to say, or don't feel like sitting in front of the computer I don't feel obliged to force myself... there is always tomorrow.)

I think the best way of utilizing all of these different sites is to use them for different purposes. This is how I use a few of my social media sites...

My Blog: I love sharing glimpses of my daily life, my inspiration, advice, my process, and finished works. Here is where I develop my brand and introduce the person behind the products.

Facebook Page:

I use my Facebook to bring all of my sites together. I post updates, links to features, giveaways, promotions, and a few quick thoughts or happenings in my business life. My 356 likes make me really happy!


Tumblr is my most playful site. Here I have no real set agenda other than to post pictures that appeal to me and make me happy. I think my girly taste really takes center stage.


I love Pinterest! I love having my inspiration all in one place (it looks pretty darn gorgeous too!) Before I attempted to keep inspiration folders on my harddrive but they were never properly sited or organized. I  can spend forever and ever on this site (like everyone else in the world) looking for inspiration for new drawings, my dream home, blog posts, and lots of yummy recipes.


Such a great app for getting a more personal look into our real friends and our digital friends lives. Only problem is, if my days are uneventful my Instagram is pretty boring. A trip to Paris is exciting and glamorous but how many pictures of me sitting in front of my computer working can one take. (I need to get out more, hehe)

Twitter: I don't do Twitter, I actually still don't get how it works and I don't think I ever will get into tweeting, haha. I'm much too visual and not at all verbal. Sorry you'll all have to enjoy Twitter without me.

p.s. You may feel you have to be updated 24/7 or to blog/tweet/instagram every detail of your life. It's not that important I promise you. Take a break and live your life. (I sound so wise, hehe)


Sarah B said...

I just find it all too overwhelming so I just stick to blogging and instagram, both of which give me immense enjoyment. I am on Pinterest (your boards look lovely - I will have to look you up) as well as Facebook, but I just don't find them engaging. Twitter? I just don't get it :)

Unknown said...

haha ya it's a little overwhelming but I find them all fun too.

Asia said...

I thought the same about Twitter ("what the heck is that?!"), one day my b-friend showed me how it works and now... I'm crazy about Twitter:)I found there so many useful links with great blogs or pics, so it's never too late to start enjoying Twitter:)