Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Etsy Business

Hello neglected blog column! Let's get this back up and running again. Okay? Okay!

Today's Question: Any Tips and Tricks for a Successful Etsy Business?

Well first off who is to say that I have a successful Etsy business? I have nearly 4000 admirers, and nearly 1500 total sales. Every month I earn enough from what I sell on Etsy to pay my bills (sometimes even enough to buy myself a new dress too, hehe.) So I suppose that makes me successful on Etsy. Doesn't it?

As I've mentioned before I had a store before EmmaKisstina. I learned a lot from my mistakes with that store, plus I've been selling on Etsy for 6 years, so I know a thing or two. 

Let's find out what these things are...

• First off you have to have something to sell. This has to be handmade, unique and all your own. It helps if you're really in love with what you make. If you love it yourself, then others must too. 

• Your store should have a thought out, consistent look and style. Your store name, logo, header, packaging should all reflect your brand. My brand name just yells girly and all my images are in the same color scheme. After just a few seconds looking at my shop, you should be able to tell what I'm all about.

• Great photos are key! If you have gorgeous photos you'll be placed in lots of great treasuries and even might make it to the front page and be featured on tons and tons of blogs. I use my digital images directly (easy squeezy) but if you have a product which must be photographed make sure you take gorgeous light filled minimal artsy fartsy photos in every and all angles. There are a million sites with photo advice. Even Etsy offers up lots of tips and tricks. Google is your friend. I should take my own advice here and take a few more professional photos of my works in frames. I think this would help my clients to get a better understand of how a print could look in their home. (Noted.)

• Be prolific. The more items you have to sell the more chances there are that someone will fall in love with your shop and a specific item. (and buy it!) I've got 226 items in my shop right now, but many have been living there for years. I think it's time for a few new works. (Don't you?)

• Renew constantly if you're not adding new items everyday. The majority of my views come  directly from within Etsy, around 12,000-15,000 views per month. Views from outside of Etsy are only around 1,000-2,000 per month. To be noticed on Etsy you have to constantly renew your items so they make it to the top again and can be seen by more people.

• Join Teams and make Treasuries. Helps to spread the word about your shop... and others at the same time. That's nice.

• Be good to your customers. I ship as fast as I can, and I answer any and all mails regarding custom work, orders, features, etc as soon as I get them. Plus I always include handwritten thank you notes with every order. I have 100% positive feedback and I'm really really proud of all of the wonderful things people have to say about me and my work. Who knows, your store might gain popularity through word of mouth between friends. Or previous buyers may come back for more. (Cross your fingers.)

• Use the Etsy About page to present yourself and your brand, so people can really get to know you and learn how much love and care goes into every product.

• Don't give up, Etsy success doesn't happen over night. (Unless you're one of those few lucky ones who get picked for front page features.) It took me and my store 3 years until I started to get noticed and gain a following on Etsy. 

• Of course have to include something dorky, like have fun with Etsy too! It's a great community with tons of amazingly talented artists and artisans. Make friends!

I'm always available through email if you have more questions. I love helping!


Sarah B said...

Great advice! I have a friend who is about to open a store so I'll send her this link. I still appreciated the fact you shared information with me when I emailed. Thanks for that! X

Illustrated Lines said...

Great post! Really informative. I think it's wonderful that your willing to help other designer's with all your tips and advice. Thanks.


Unknown said...

Thanks ladies! I really don't see why I should keep this to myself. I have no secrets really. It's fun sharing! xo