Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best Career Decision

Stockholm, my home.

Today's Question: What is the best career decision you've ever made?

The best career decision as well as the best personal decision I've ever made was to purchase a one way ticket to Stockholm (cost me only $400 too). Moving here has changed my life in more ways than I had imagined. I not only met my dream boy (that's great and all) but I'm surrounded by all the things I'm interested in; art, culture and history... plus food, friendly people, great sites, and gorgeous nature.

Career wise, living in a city with really bad weather helps my career a lot (haha.) This is my theory for all Nordic countries and why there is so much great design here. It's always so cold and nasty, we have to have lots of activities and projects going so we don't die of boredom or depression. Here is where my creativity has flourished, as I'm immersed in a city dripping with other creatives and huge talent... plus the love for art! I'm actually really looking forward to the dark (cozy) cold months to come. I can really just dive into huge projects and work around the clock, with out the distraction of gorgeous weather and vacations.

Personally, I'm just really happy here. Because I'm so happy I'm sure this has a really positive effect on my work. (Nice biproduct, huh?)

So all in all the big move from the States to Sweden gave me the motivation and the inspiration to become a full time illustrator and not just a hobby artist. I'm also really happy here, that must be most important of all.

If you have a dream city, and you're not satisfied with the situation you're in or the place you're living... Move. Easier said than done I suppose (the whole boring money thing), but worth it in the end. I'll never regret moving here, even it saddens me that my family (Mom, Dad and sister) are so far away.


Asia said...

I missed your advice column! Soooo right everything you wrote about Sweden:) Great post!:)

Unknown said...

ya, I've been pretty bad about writing these lately. Just haven't felt like I had any good advice. Now I'm back!