Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Paper Doll Garland by Rebecca Lefeuvre

Today's Question: How do you network?

We've all heard that networking is key in most careers. (Everybody says so, am I right?) It's the way to get an easy in to get new jobs or great new collaborations. So how do I network?

I would say that my networking is very passive. I don't go to branch mingel parties, I don't have any freelance working friends, and I'm honestly really bad at it. I hate talking myself up to acquaintances, I find it so awkward.

On the other hand I'm really good at networking without really trying (haha wow impressive Kristina). I rely on word of mouth by my many great customers. With each project finished, these great clients share my work with their blog readers/friends, and then I get a few requests from their friends or readers for requests for custom drawings or custom blog headers etc. Word gets around that I'm easy to work with, rather fast, and supply quality work, plus I do pretty stuff (right?). Having 100% positive feedback on my Etsy shop surely helps as well.

I've also had a lot of help from bloggers who have reached out to me, wanting to help me promote by sharing prints they've purchased, held giveaways or just shared my works with their readers. Thank goodness for blogs!

I certainly need to get better at this, become a little less passive. I find myself sitting and dreaming (waiting really) for opportunities to fall into my lap, when I should be using all of my energy to make new network connections and spread the word about my work. (Got a few ideas up my sleeves actually, coming soon!)

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