Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 42

Week 42!

• This week went by far too fast. I got a big order from Campadre, yay! Signed my name what felt like a billion times, and then nearly cried of frustration when trying to re-roll the prints perfectly to ship safely. Boyfriend finally got home and helped me. Felt so little and helpless, and silly.

• Brought down all my winter clothes from the attic, and packed away all of my Spring and Summer things. Really happy to see my sheepskin ballet slippers again. They keep my feet cozy and warm when I work from home. 

• Worked on quite a few projects this week, including this pet portrait. There are actually a few I can show you, woo hoo. I'll share next week. :)

• Halloween isn't big here in Sweden, but it didn't keep us from carving a little Jack-o-lantern. Boyfriend had never made one before so he got the honors of carving. It's a masterpiece, hehe!

Have a great weekend!

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