Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dream Big

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Today's Question: How do you keep dreaming big?

Maybe I'm just a dreamer, but I find it almost difficult not to dream big. It's fun, it feels good, and it makes you work towards a goal. Sometimes it does feel silly to have huge aspirations (I'm going to be the President of the United States of America one day, hehe) but really, how boring would life be if we didn't have dreams. Not to mention the major happiness you feel when you one day reach your goal/make you dream come true.

So what do I dream about?

• I'd love to continue working with textiles. More scarves! Maybe produce other fashion items as well.
• An EmmaKisstina Home collection. Pillows, cushions, wallpaper, curtains, the works. Why not add illustrated china sets to the list too. (This one I really really really want to do!)
• Or an Empire of EmmaKisstina goodness! (if we're dreaming really really big)
• I'd love to have a studio/showroom space to create and
• Personally I'd like to travel the world (duh!)

How do I dream big then?

• Write down all ideas and dreams, no matter how big or small, or silly. Serves as a great reminder every time you reread them.
• Don't deny yourself from thinking that you can or can not do something. Who says I won't be able to produce an EmmaKisstina Home collection, or travel the world one day. Remember what your Mom always said "You can do anything you put your mind to."

I would say the only thing really holding me back from my dreams for EmmaKisstina is sadly just money. Isn't that uber boring and normal? But who knows I may win a grant or sponsorship, possibly get investors or just work extra hard and save my pennies. So while I wait for the funds to come in I'm casually (or diligently) working on these large dream projects. Either making sketches, plans or actual finished product designs. Maybe if I work really hard and put my mind to it I'll make my dreams come true, like Mom said. Who knows? Worth a try.


Caitlin Quinn Stroud (sometimes I go by Lina)... said...

Great post! So inspiring... now I really want an Emmakisstina tea set! Tea obviously made me think of Kate Middleton - a design I saw when browsing your Etsy- it would be fun to do themed tea sets: 'Whose coming to tea?" silly suggestion :) Thanks again for this series!

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Well thanks! Not silly at all. I'll add it to my dream to do list, hehe