Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tools of the Trade

Today's Question: What do you think are the most beneficial tools for freelancers on the web?

Not going to be obvious and discuss how fabulous Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook and what not are because we all know we wouldn't be able to live with out them, definitely myself included. So what other tools are there out there that I love?

Moola: (only for Swedes with Enskildsfirma) this app is super great for getting an understanding/calculating how much of the money you earn goes to taxes and fees (tons and tons) and how much is actually yours in your pocket (sad face). This way I'm not shocked/screwed at the end of the year when my Uncle helps me properly do my taxes.

DropBox: You probably already know this is great, but just incase. I use this with several of my clients.

WeTransfer: When I work with a client that doesn't have DropBox, I use this free transfer service site. Fantabulous!

Dafont: I love finding my fonts here. There are many fonts sites, but I think this one is the easiest to use. Most of the fonts found here are for private use, but many can be used for commercial projects too. Just double check.

BankDroid: This is a phone app, but all the same, very useful. (Only works with Swedish banks though.) Being a freelancer money can be tight some months so this app lets me see how much money I have in my account at all times. No more embarrassment at checkout at the post office or artist supply store etc.

Paymo: Recently been introduced to this site, for calculating time and how much to charge a client. Haven't used it yet, but it looks promising.

Southern Speakers: A great blog for tutorials on small html/css fixes for a better looking blog. I've used lots of his help to build my blog (all by myself.)

Pugly Pixel: A super dee duper resource for all things photoshop/blog design/web related. Brushes, borders, textures, etc etc.

It's not much, but hope any of these tools could be of help.

Do you have any great tools/apps to share?


Caitlin Quinn Stroud (sometimes I go by Lina)... said...

My friend and I are working on getting set up on etsy/ blogger and we have found the emmakisstina 'Take my own advice' to be a wonderful tool! Out of all of the research we have done, being able to read advice from an experienced Etsy-er/ blogger, written in a clear, friendly way has been totally reassuring and helpful- thank you!!! ...and please continue!xxx

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

gah! you have no idea how much it means to me to hear that you're finding the series helpful. thanks so much. I'll of course continue, I've got quite a few other subjects to cover.

Illustrated Lines said...

Very useful post, thanks for the tips. I've had a quick look on Pugly Pixel and seems very useful. The subtle background pattern downloads are great. As yet I can't think of any other useful websites/blogs to add to your list but will let you know if I can think of anything.


Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Thanks Illustrated Lines. Pugly Pixel is really great. I think I have watched all of the tutorials they have online!