Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Value You

Today's Question: How do you get people to value your work/you?

How do you get people to value your work? How does one put a value on handmade? These questions are especially hard for artists/designer's just starting out. Sure was for me in the beginning. (There's that need to sell sell sell at any price.) But not putting a value behind your work can really do you harm. Not only will you be working your ass off, and still not make ends meet, but you'll feel under appreciated and people may even take advantage of you. If you truly love your job and spend countless hours working on projects and put all your heart into your work you should be rewarded. If you don't value your talent or your time, how will anyone else. Seems kind of obvious, but sometimes we need a little reminder.

So what to do...

• Note how long each project takes you to complete, the difficulty, etc. and base your price on an hourly rate that you feel comfortable with and which fits your lifestyle. (How many bills do you need to pay, what would you like to make each month?)

• I would say to always round up too, you probably sold yourself short. Your prices should sort of shock you just a little bit.

• Don't be afraid to charge just a little bit more. The client can always barter.

• Take yourself seriously, be professional, and supply quality work.

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