Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week 1

What fun to write week 1 up there in the post title area. Feels like a real fresh start! (so many possibilities blah blah blah)

• Most obvious thing to happen this week would have to be the New Year, 2013! Boyfriend was sick on NYE so our fancy dinner plans didn't work quite out as planned, slight bummer, but we've enjoyed yummy seafood and extra nice left overs all week instead. Great way to start off the year food wise at least.

• This week I finally finalised a huge project I've been working on all December. phew! It was really fun, but still I like a change working on several projects, and getting small breaks in between. I haven't worked in Adobe Illustrator for this many hours in a row ever before either. Me and Illustrator are actually becoming rather nice friends... well, almost. (There were several slight hair pulling incidents.)

• Stockholm turned into a Winter hell. I hate ice! I can not stand not being able to walk properly, without fear of slipping on a ice patch. Sweden either has to cool down again and give us more snow, or warm up so this ice can melt. None of this in between shananigans!

• A New Year called for just a pinch of change here at home. Boyfriend took the initiative to rearrange our bedroom. At first I was totally against it, but now I really really adore our bedroom even more. I may even just show you later later.

Have a great first weekend of the year!

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