Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Place of Our Own

Drum roll please... we got an apartment! This 2 bedroom stunner to be exact...

After weeks of searching, waiting, and enduring the frustration as all our favorites sold from right under our feet, we were offered to look at an apartment that wasn't yet on the market. We loved it! and now it's ours... well almost. (There's the whole money part, eek, and the waiting 3 months before moving in, aka an eternity.) So it doesn't really feel real yet. It also feels as though we got to see it for about 30 seconds, I can't remember how everything looked, or felt. Plus we have no pictures to share or drool over. But what I do remember is how gorgeously it was taken care of.

The walls are all wallpapered with gorgeous wallpapers, perfectly placed. I mean like ruler straight and perfect in every way. They are really pretty too with blue and green florals in the hall ways and a romantic simple floral in the bedroom. I think we'll only replace the current wallpaper in the living room and the extra bedroom for white walls (otherwise it may be too much of a pattern explosion.) The kitchen is a sun shiny yellow, painted perfectly too of course. No paint drips or smudges on the ceiling or mouldings... and it's really clean and fresh.

Hoping to go back soon, to get a better look, take a few photos, and get the planning started. We need furniture, like woah! We don't own a bed, sofa, wardrobes, or anything really so that part's pretty exciting too. Hope our family members have some hidden treasures in their attics.

I'm also really pleased that in the end we were able to afford a 2 bedroom so I get my very own office space. No longer will I be crammed in the corner of my living room. Can't even imagine how I'll decorate. Eek so exciting!!!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a slam dunk. Congrats!

Unknown said...

Thanks! We feel so grown up.

J {*sparklingly} said...

Amazing, congrats!!!

The Dandelion Chronicles said...

Oh, congratulations! It looks like the perfect little nest for the two of you :) And yes, do not underestimate the value of your own office space! Best money ever spend getting that imo.
Best of luck with the decor :)

Unknown said...

Johan and I have never had our own place before. For the past 4 years we've moved from one family member's house to the next, to friends of friends apartments for just a few months at a time. This last apartment we've gotten to live in for 2 years, which was great. Going to be even greater to settle in somewhere for a while.

Looking back it wasn't as difficult getting an apartment as I had made it seem. Just takes a bit of patience.