Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 5

Holy Moly, 5 weeks have already passed this year, and it's already February! My birthday month! I rather like February, not just because of my birthday, but that sure is nice. I like February because it's a short month, a romantic month, and Spring feels just a bit closer (a bit.) This week was especially fun, as I had lots of new projects to work on, and had a little more going on in my social schedule.

• The week started off with new drawing pads and pens. There is nothing better than a few new supplies to get me to kick start a few new drawings, and want to work work work. Feels like an artist's fresh start!

• Since making Fuchsia's gorgeously fragrant Sichuan chili oil last week, I'm still obsessed, and have been enjoying Asian inspired dishes and snacks all week this week too.

• Published another gorgeous Blogger What's in my bag, featuring favorites picked by Victoria of Vmac & Cheese.

• I've been working on about 24 custom drawings this week too. Sounds rather huge and time consuming, but they are actually rather simple and really fun to work on.

• As a kind of New Years treat I bought myself a membership and a few wine tasting classes with the Boyfriend's University wine society. The classes are held in a gorgeously historical (and insanely old) wine cellar in the Old Town of Stockholm. It's a perfect atmosphere for tasting really delicious wines amongst a really interesting group of people... it's also not as snobby as it sounds. (Very fun and relaxed I promise!)

• Our first tasting was about Bordeaux and Bordeaux copies, held by my Boyfriend (Smarty Pants). We tried 6 wines from around the world, amazing how they all tasted rather similar. Definitely figured out that I'm a fan of the Bordeaux wine style. This bottle on display in the cellar was designed by Andy Warhol. (Neat huh?!)

• And then the week ended really lovely, in the form of another gorgeous new issue of Pouf! magazine. They have a gorgeous new website and blog to explore too. Go have a read!

• Love seeing boyfriend's and my name published together too, we're a great team.

Have a lovely weekend!


Ann-Charlotte Lovén said...

Thanks for the mention!
You and Johan really are a great team. Looking forward to working with you again.

J {*sparklingly} said...

Wowza, that wine tasting event sounds amazing, so fun!