Tuesday, May 14, 2013


How did you go about finding great printshops?

This one is actually rather simple. To find a printshop to create my prints in my area I just googled it. I choose the printshop that was near to me, easy to order from, and the cheapest. I've only ever just tried this one printshop and I'm really really pleased, so I don't think I'll switch shop any time soon. They are cheap, they don't require a minimum order, the quality is great, their turn around time is rather quick and it's only a few stops from my apartment. Perfect!

When it came to finding a printshop when I started dreaming about producing silk scarves was a little more complicated. It was absolutely impossible to just google this. I tried though of course, and was in contact with a few companies in other European countries and China. The communication was either really difficult or the amount of scarves I would have to order was just too much.

So I gave in and asked some one. What!? That's crazy, no way I would actually dare ask someone for their contact... but I did, and the nice illustrator girly who also makes scarves actually gave me the contact information for her custom silk printing shop in England. The prices were nice and there weren't any minimum orders, the quality was also really really nice. (As you would know if you're one of my silk scarf's lucky owners.)

I have a few other products to produce in mind and for those I have either asked other illustrators producing those items for their contacts or sometimes the products state where they are made on the packaging.

So my simple advice is just to search your local area for a printshop that suits your needs or just ask someone. I think people are much more open to share than what you'd might think.

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