Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 19!

• For the majority of this week the boyfriend was in Scotland with a few guy friends mountain biking and enjoying the idyllic green sheep covered scenery, leaving me alone at home in a very quiet apartment. I forgot how boring and quiet it is to live on one's own, especially sad cooking and eating dinners for one. :( Other than lonely dinners I thought it was kind of nice to be able to set up my days as I pleased and made sure to do lots of girly things (ie. go shopping for lipstick), and watch lots of girly movies Johan would never watch with me in a million years (ie. don't even want to fess up what I watched, haha.)

• One very exciting thing that did occur this week, Spring or rather Summer arrived in Sweden. Yes! On Tuesday the temperatures finally managed to reach the 70s, and all bushes and trees burst into bloom. I gave my fall/winter boots a last polish and packed them up (won't see those until September yippie) and have gone sock-less and jacket-less for the first time this year. Yes! Double yay for ballerina shoe season and no need for a million layers. Not quite ready to show off the legs just yet though (shockingly paste-y white alert!) Thinking I'm going to have to invest in a little self tanner or a few minutes on the balcony before starting to wear all my dresses, skirts and shorts.

• In other news, the count down until moving to the new apartment is now down to under 2 weeks!!!! eeeek! I'm overly exciting and just can not wait to pack up all of our things and move into the new place and get everything organised in it's new home. I'm going into planning overdrive. There is just so much to be done to get this new apartment ready (and I want it fixed/perfect/and liveable as soon as possible... no unpacked boxes that we'll take care of "later".) We have to get painters to come a paint a few of the rooms, there is furniture to be found and purchased, and all sorts of organising to be done, especially closet wise... not to mention a billion pictures to be hung.

Hope you're having a great weekend and will have a great next week!

p.s. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers today, especially my Mother who I'm really sad I live so many thousands of miles away from. Love you!

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